Emergencies & Toothaches


Emergencies can happen. We set time aside for when those unexpected events happen and a tooth becomes damaged. We can treat a range of emergency problems, including a tooth being knocked out, chipped teeth and toothaches. Call JC Dental on 07 5679 5090 to book an appointment when you have any of these dental emergencies.

What to do if there is an emergency

Knocked out tooth

Have one of your teeth being knocked out? If it is a baby tooth, you will not need an emergency visit, only adult teeth require immediate attention.

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out, call our office right away, and then follow these steps to possibly save the tooth.

First, make sure to avoid holding the tooth by the root, as this can cause trauma to the root. Gently clean the tooth with milk, saline solution or water. Attempt to replace the tooth in its original position, if possible. If so, leave it there until you can be seen by a professional. If you are unable to replace the tooth in its socket, transport the tooth in a cup of milk. If you do not have any milk, keep the tooth moist by holding it in your mouth between your cheek and gums. Do not transport the tooth in water.


Toothaches can have a massive impact on your life and can interrupt your sleeping pattern and diet. If you have a severe toothache, contact JC Dental so that we can make an emergency appointment to examine you.

If you are suffering from a toothache, there are numerous steps you can follow to try and alleviate the pain. Rinse your mouth with warm water for quick relief. Floss around the aggravated tooth to remove any food or plaque that might be causing discomfort. A topical, over-the-counter numbing gel containing benzocaine may also ease your discomfort until you can see a professional.

If the pain is severe, painkillers may be necessary and sometimes even antibiotics may be required. Make sure to book an appointment with JC Dental when it is practical to avoid the toothache becoming worse and causing more serious damage to your teeth and gums.


Chipped tooth

If you’ve chipped or broken your tooth, it’s important to visit JC Dental to assess whether there is any nerve involvement.

If possible, bring the broken piece of tooth into your emergency appointment, as it may be able to be reattached. If this is not possible, JC Dental will work to restore your tooth to make it look as natural as possible.

If you have an extensively cracked or chipped tooth and have any pain or bleeding, book an emergency appointment. However, if the crack is just on the surface, it may not be necessary to request an emergency appointment.

If you are experiencing any pain while waiting for your appointment, you may try topical benzocaine gel or over-the-counter pain medications to ease discomfort. Swishing warm water or warm salt water in your mouth may also help.

If the chip has caused a jagged area on your tooth that is cutting your lip or gum, cover the chip with paraffin wax or sugarless chewing gum to prevent further damage to your mouth until your appointment.

If you have sustained an injury to your jaw, nose, or head, you may be required to visit an emergency room first.

Contact JC Dental to book an appointment.